Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Can I really do this?

Anytime I want to quit or choose not to do the challenge I just have to remind myself why I am doing it----- I dont want to look like this anymore!!! I want to be healthy!!!

"Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels"-

Im starting my body for life challenge on Monday August 2- for a few reason... I work full time as a nanny and my job is one of the many things that have contributed to my weight gain, well the family that I work for is going out of town for a week starting the 31, therefore I will have a full week with no kiddy foods around. The second reason that I am waiting to start is because my boyfriends mom is in town and it is to hard to plan my meals around healthy ingrediants, at least the kind that the book talks about. And my last reason is... James and I woke up yesterday morning at 5am and went to the gym. We did an upper body day and lifted like the book tells you to with the dead sets and well I am in major pain today! I know that I will be in pain during the challenge but im hoping to be able to move a little better then.

As I am preparing for my competition to begin i cant help but be fearful that I wont be able to do this, that I will become apathetic and quit. I am focusing on the priorities in my life and those are relationships and health.

What are things that keep you going when you want to quit?

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