Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Goal

1. State your goal — what you hope to achieve intent.
I will learn to be proud of my body and confident in who I am. I will achieve this by losing 40 pounds and eating healthy foods, drinking water and dieting. I will not allow myself any negitive thought that are hindering to my goal and I will strive everyday to be my best.

2. How do you feel about this goal, why is it important to achieve? What are the differences between the existing situation and the changes you want to see?
I feel like my goal is something that I must do. It is important to me to achieve this because I am not happy with the way that I look or feel. I hate not having engery and I dont like looking at myself in the mirror. When I begin to have confidence back in the way I look I will begin to become proud of myself again and I will be happier with me. This Goal is life changing.

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